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Add Virtuemart product frontend Add Virtuemart product frontend
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Product description: A handy tool helps to add virtuemart products from frontend, which is only compatible with Virtuemart 2.x.x

Add Virtuemart product frontend

A handy tool helps to add virtuemart products from frontend, which is only compatible with Virtuemart 2.x.x

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One page checkout for Virtuemart

One page checkout for Virtuemart

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A lot of Virtuemart users want to upload a product from the front end, they need a plugin that enables their customers to upload products meanwhile administrators can approve uploaded products and display them on the site. Other users of Virtuemart 2xx version can’t figure out how to enable their customers to edit or add products from the Frontend.

Is there a plugin for uploading customers' products from the front end ? Are there any suggestion for a version that will do what you need? What are tasks needed to perform? As a solution, our Add Product Frontend Virtuemart extension has been developed. This plugin helps you to achieve your goals as well as solve isssues with a proper guide.

Virtuemart 2 xx are well developed with core functions. Administrators don’t have to create a volume of accounts for various users. All users such as visitors, registries, and administrators can submit new products, but admin should use Joomla Menu Access Right to restrict access of various Joomla group users from the front-end. Admin can enable or disable “Delete” function by commenting code. As a default, we've already commented “Delete” button in the module. Please notice that the module is compatible with Virtuemart 2.x.x only.

Tài khoản demo:

Username: test

Password: netbase@123


Virtuemart Extensions FAQs

Question: Can I translate these extensions into other languages like Spanish, Chinese …?

Answer: Yes, post your question on our forum so developer team can help to indicate where to update or change the languages to suite your need. Virtuemart and Joomla support international languages, please find your languages packages for Virtuemart and for Joomla here.

Question: Does this Extension compatible with Virtuemart 1.5?

Answer: All our Virtuemart extensions is compatible with Virtuemart 2.x.x and Joomla 2.x.x. Currently we do not support Joomla 3.x.x

Question: Can I customize extensions to suite my need?

Answer: Yes. You can modify our extensions at your discretion for your own web-sites. However, you can not resell or place the modified extensions (as whole) for downloads on your websites.

Question: I did the payment, while I have not received the download link?

Answer: The download link always is automatically sent to your payment email within 5 minutes after the payment is done. Please check your inbox, open your confirmation email and there is your own product download link.

Question: Please check the Order Confirmation Email, there is download link inside.

Answer: You can also use your download code to download on our website at this link. Each single purchase product have its own code, and you have to copy the right code to download your product.

Question: How long can I download single purchase product?

Answer: You can still download the product within 6 months (180 days) from the payment time and can download up to 100 times. If this limit is over, you have to buy again the new product download sections.

Question: Can I download the update of new version?

Answer: Yes, within 6 month of your purchase, if we release and update the extension or template, we will include into the product download package on our download server, so you can download with the same download links in your confirmation email.

Question: How do i find if my product has been updated or a new version is released?

Answer: Visit the product page and you can check the status of updates and version release. Remember, you will have to check for each of the extension used on your site manually.

Question: I do not have a Paypal account. Do you support other payment methods?

Answer: Yes! You should know that Paypal supports including all major types of Credit cards. Visit Paypal for more information. So you still can pay via Paypal with your credit card or E-check. We also support 2checkout

Question: Do you have refundable policy?

Answer: Yes, we have refund policy here. You can contact us for your special refund case.

Question: Can I install our products on multiple domains?

Answer: It depends on the domain license support that you purchase.


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